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7 Benefits of Unknown Banana

7 Benefits of Unknown Banana - Must be familiar with this fruit 1 is so very popular everywhere, Banana is a fruit that is loved in many ways from everywhere. This fruit is perfect as a dessert after a meal, so it is not wrong if many people provide Bananas in the daily menu. But do you know that bananas have some benefits that you did not expect and think about before. Then what kind of fruit benefits this one?

Dear Brother Sister, like her other fruit, Banana also has benefits and usability when we consume it. Many people think and believe that this fruit has many hidden benefits. Therefore, to clarify what are the benefits of this fruit, which you have not guessed, I will explain some of the benefits and efficacy of the Banana fruit that has not occurred to our brain before, the following explanation:

1. Naturally can lose weight. For those of you who have problems with weight, then regularly eat this fruit because this fruit is believed to lose weight. That's because the number of calories contained in this fruit is relatively small.

2. Balances fluid in the body. The body needs fluids to support the performance of organs in the body. Potassium content in the fruit is very important to help balance the amount of fluid in the body.

3. Boosts the immunity of some diseases. do you frequent flu, cough and others? consumption of this fruit, its high vitamin C content b helps boost immunity

4. Want your bones to be healthy ?? Consumption is the fruit of this Banana because it helps make your bones become healthier and stronger. That's because the manganese content contained in this fruit.

5. Increase the energy the body needs instantly. As the activity increases, consume the Banana fruit, so as not to tire easily or tired and limp when your activity increases so exhausting.

6. Stimulating digestion. Apparently eating Bananas can also help smooth the digestive organs better, so that nutrients from food can be absorbed properly by the body to the fullest.

7. As a natural remedy for being constipated, waow do you sometimes get constipated ?? Fruit Bananas can also help smooth your bowel movements. So from that start to eat Bananas to avoid the hardening of feces as the beginning of constipation.
Thus the explanation of some of the benefits and benefits of Banana fruit that you may not know, because the human mind should be open so that they can learn something new that they may not know before. May be useful for you all

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