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 3 Best Oral Sex Positions For Maximum Satisfaction - I think it will be very popular among couples in matters of sex in the room, in your bed. 3 best oral sex positions for maximum satisfaction, because I believe that every couple would want maximum satisfaction of each partner, is also discussed in the article psychology and health. Lots of couples said they were satisfied with their partner, but also many of those who complain because they are less satisfied in love, they want to feel the thrill of making love very very unusual. So for women, it is important you are trying to satisfy the desires of your husband, that is by having oral, following a number of positions 3 positions oral sex is best for maximum satisfaction. But there are also who do not know, what is oral ???

Well I will talk about oral, namuun here I talk aimed at women.
Understanding of oral sex is one of the models most favorite sex position for men. At the moment you can completely tongue to stimulate your partner's genitals, the male partner will feel very very satisfied.

Therefore, in order to add a warmth to your night, do not ever hesitate to perform oral sex. Oral sex was also apparently has some variation or positions in order to create maximum satisfaction.

Here is a variation of the position of the best oral sex as it has been reported from

The original
the same model as the name suggests, this position is the position of your original to perform oral sex. And the thing to do as a couple is your partner stand in front of you who have been squatting. After that if positions are fit, we then do just the oral sex with the very maximum. Your tongue will be able to freely explore and also stimulates vital tool that will give you pleasure and satisfaction deep and there is no comparison.

Lie back
By the time you are together with your spouse (husband) doing this position, then you should sleep on their backs. Then it's time your partner right now kneeling on top of you, but with an opposite position with you. This position would make your partner so sigh with pleasure, because you can freely stimulate scrotumnya which has always been the most favorite among men.

Face plow
In this position you will need the help of a few pieces of useless pillow to support your head to be able to do this position. So when you sleep on your back, place a pillow or just a few pieces of bolsters to support your head. After that you ask your partner to kneel and open her legs in front of you. But when you do this position, should be very cautious once and catch your breath carefully because penetration is carried in the mouth can be very deep.

So how ?? if you want to try out with your partner?