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Types Of Foods That Are Good For Our Bodies

Types Of Foods That Are Good For Our Bodies - While this is indeed a lot has been circulating various types of instant food or fast food. Various types of food that this is indeed the most desirable lot of people, because of the practical ways of cooking and also easy to get anywhere. These types of foods as consumed by too many busy people because they claimed not to have much time to cook or eat.

Instant food and fast food as such was not included into the kind of healthy and safe food to be consumed for health because they can not improve health, on the contrary these foods can cause high their risk for disease.

Actually kind of healthy food is food that can meet all the needs of nutrients in the body, including among others carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals that are very important such as calcium, iron, and much more. From a variety of healthy diet is the best it's the food that includes four of five perfectly healthy, which consists of rice, vegetables, side dishes, fruit, milk.

Here is an example of the kind of healthy diet that is based on the nutrients needed by our body.


Carbohydrates are a very important component to our body because carbohydrates are the source of much-needed energy our bodies are used to move or perform the activity. There are two types of carbohydrates contained in foods, simple carbohydrates and complex.

Types of foods containing simple carbohydrates are very much sugar and too little fiber, this type can cause obesity to the body. Examples of simple carbohydrate foods:

-White rice
-White bread.

While the types of foods with complex carbohydrates are types of foods that contain carbohydrates can not be filtered out by our bodies and will only leave fibers. Fiber is a very good for our body so that it is believed to reduce the risk of obesity. Examples of healthy foods that contain complex carbohydrates:

-Red rice
-Oatmeal (High fiber wheat)
-Wheat bread


Protein is needed by the body that functions as an enzyme that is needed on the chemical reactions that occur in our body's metabolic processes. There are two types of content results in protein needed by our body, namely the type of animal protein and vegetable protein. Healthy foods are foods that contain both types of these proteins.

Examples of vegetable protein sources:
- Tuber (Potato, sweet potato, cassava)
- Nation nuts and legumes (peanuts, beans, soy, etc.)

Examples of sources of animal protein:
- Meat (Cows, goats, chickens)
- Milk
- Freshwater fish and saltwater fish (tuna, anchovies, banding, etc.)


Talk about other types of healthy food needed by the body are foods that contain fat. Body fat is actually good for unsaturated fats are found mainly in nuts, olive oil, grains (sesame, sunflower seeds), avocado or fish.

Saturated fat or also often called bad fats or harmful, often we find on various processed products of animal origin, such as meat and jerohan (heart, lungs, intestines, etc.). This type of fat is not good for our bodies because it will only increase the risk of blood cholesterol.

Therefore, you should only eat meat in order to meet the body's protein needs, but you should not be too often to consume because these foods contain a lot of bad fats.


Other healthy foods are foods that contain a lot of vitamins, be it vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and vitamin K. Various vitamins is very very important to support the health of our bodies, to increase endurance and maintenance of our organs. This vitamin needs can easily be met simply by consuming fruits (apples, guava, citrus, melon, etc.) and also of course vegetables (kale, spinach, carrots, broccoli, etc.).


Lots of different types or kinds of minerals that are needed by the body because 70% of our body is water, such as calcium, potassium, iron. These minerals can we get in beverages like milk and processed products (cheese, yogurt), could also be on fruits, and vegetables.


Actually, when we talk of this kind of content, fiber did not contain much of certain nutrients that can make or nourish our body organs such as vitamins or minerals as well. But fiber is very important to improve digestion our bodies. We get a lot of fiber in the diet of fruits, vegetables, and also oatmeal (whole grain high fiber).

Healthy foods are foods that contain substances that have been mentioned earlier above. Therefore, the menu is very good for the body is consumed diet containing six elements (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber).

Not only that, in order to nourish the body, we must also pay attention to eating right for our menu. For example we do not consume too much excess meat and multiply eat vegetables because meat contains a lot of bad fats, especially high-fat crust, if vegetables are rich in vitamins and fiber. This can be very useful for the body.

In addition, note also of the way the cook must be careful. Raw foods cooked too long or too mature may also cause the food to be poor nutrition.

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